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Employee Objectives Set

The work review module in HCM enables the supervisor to evaluate the employee end year or mid year depending on the organization without face to face interview. The screen shot shows an employee setting an objective at the beginning of the year.


Notice that this screenshot has the status changed from 'draft' above to 'completed'. Meaning that the form was forwarded to the supervisor for approval before officiating the employee objectives.The supervisor reviews and approves the objectives set by the employee.View the approval of supervisor on the below process in Evaluation screenshot where there is a column called workflow and under it 'objective' set by an employee that has been approved.



Work Review

At the mid or end of year depending on the organization, an employee forwards the work review to the supervisor with some narration on whether the objectives were met.


The supervisor receives the work review and discuss on the narration given by the employee. On approving the work review, it is sent to the HR as report. However, the Work review once approved by the supervisor, it is final and not even the HR has the authorization to edit.



HR Work Review Report

The HR receives the Work review report from the supervisor as shown by the screenshot. This report can be used by the HR as the basis of decision making whether to appraise the employee with pay rise for great work achieved or take other steps in the case of poor performance. From the overview of the HCM work flow, it can be concluded that it is a must have system for companies as it greatly moves the company closure to its overall objectives.